• totallyredhead_010-150x150[1]

    Redhead! With Small Tits! AND AN APPLE BOTTOM!!

    http://gals.sextronix.com/flashvideo/totallyredhead.com/totallyredhead_010.flv Breathe deep, ass fans. This post is about a redhead, which is kinda unusual. But this redhead has small tits and an apple bottom ass! That's like having gills and a camel hump! What the fuck? This ass is so bite-ably bountiful, so perfectly symmetrical on top and bottom, all wrapped in that peaches and cream skin only real redheads have. And yet the same genes that cranked out such a plentiful ass chose small tits, sparing and swallowable. Was this breath taking hottie bred in a labratory? By the staff [...]
  • Hot Black Girls Apple Bottom Rocks!

    Can you ever just smell controversy brewing? We are ready to declare confidently that this hot black girls apple bottom rocks. We're fans. But there are going to be those who say, "No! No! That's a bubble butt!" or even those uneducated who try to call it a ghetto booty. We've done our homework and we're ready to put this controversy to bed before it gets out of hand. And then maybe get the hot black girl in this video to take us to bed and take us in hand? Oh, well, we can dream. Our favorite hot black chick massaging her huge tits. Ready? An apple bottom gets its name from the [...]
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    Hot Latina with Ghetto Booty Gets Double Teamed

    http://gals.sextronix.com/flashvideo/hotlatinaporn.com/Amanda_12.flv In this clip from Hot Latina Porn, a hot Latina with a luscious ghetto booty gets double teamed by two white guys. We see the Latina fucked from behind, ghetto booty and huge tits jiggling as she tries desperately to hold on to the big rod of the guy laying underneath her. The pounding she's taking keeps knocking it out of her mouth. But persistence pays and she manages to suck off one guy while getting nailed by another. As in previous posts, when we talk about a ghetto booty and huge tits, we are [...]
  • 014staggstreet

    Editors Note: Arrrgh! Flash Video!

    We know flash video is as popular as a Member's Only jacket, and we're sorry. For four posts in a row, you got articles with flash video that doesn't play and no photos. We're really sorry,the articles were written before we changed our style. And there may be more of them to come. But like today, we promise at least 1 high resolution, chicken choking party every day that we publish that other crap. Why are we publishing it? Because the sites they link to are still good and worth visiting. And the articles with their word counts help us score higher on search engines. So come back every [...]
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    Hot Brunette Masturbating

    http://gals.sextronix.com/flashvideo/hornyofficebabes.com/hornyofficebabes_005.flv This next video, a hot brunette masturbating, is another quick clip, but we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to demonstrate another category of the perfect ass: the teardrop ass. And this lovely lady gives us ample opportunity to check it out. Sort of like trying to catch and classify bugs for grade school science, huh? Except with more jerking off between specimen. 🙂 The lovely brunette nude in all the ways that count has her jacket/blouse open to reveal her huge tits. At about the :30 [...]
  • IMG_1204

    Hot Blonde With Huge Tits Puts On A Little Show

    I know this video is short, but it gave us our first instance of the ghetto booty. And since it was a hot blonde with huge tits and a ghetto booty, all the more fun. We want to make sure we don't sound too stupid throwing around the word ghetto booty, so we thought we better get some definitions out of the way first. Our understanding of a ghetto booty is an ass that is large out of proportion with the rest of the body. And this video clip certainly provides a basis for that. The hot blonde starring in the clip has a fit body, generally small all over for that ass. But then [...]
  • wpid-chloe-amour-has-outdoor-sex-1.jpg

    Young Brunette Ass Fucking

    http://gals.sextronix.com/flashvideo/analdrilledteens.com/3_Chinita_03.flv We have our first contender for a double butt categorization. The young brunette ass fucking in the video below is most certainly a teen ass, but there is no mistaking that bubble butt for just exactly what it is. Of course considering the drilling she's getting, she needs the protection of a bubble butt. Ass fucking is really not for those in the small ass categories. How do we know she's a teen? Because this video is brought to us by our delightfully depraved friends at Anal Drilled Teens. They say the mark [...]
  • 015staggstreet

    Mandy Morbid: Perfect Bubble Butt and Perfect Tits

    If there is one woman who sums up what we look for on PerfectAss.com, it's Mandy Morbid. Take a second to appreciate all that is there... You've got a perfect ass of the bubble butt variety. You also have perfect tits of the huge tits (or big natural tits) variety. All of this wrapped up in a punk rocker look and tattoos in all the right places make Mandy Morbid a sight your eyes just keep coming back to over and over again. And your eyes will keep coming back, because we will post every picture of this living goddess we can get our hands on. We have yet to find any video, but rest [...]
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    Marina Angel First Person Point of View

    http://images.galleries.pornpros.com/galleries.povd.com/htdocs/fb01/fb01_marinaangel/content/vid01.mp4 This video bring us Latina Marina Angel in a first person point of view video from POVD. Most of these videos don't really feel like being there, they just feel like bad camera work and confusing angles. We don't know if it's the extreme high resolution of 3D audion that POVD brings to the process, but these videos do feel like you're there. You catch yourself having momements where you expect to feel or taste what's on the screen in front of you. And in the case of Marina Angel, [...]
  • TaylorWhiteSmallAss-150x150

    The Small Ass of Taylor White

    Taylor White gives us a great place to start the category of the small ass. By no means is her ass bony, there's meat there. But this is the small ass of a small woman. In all honesty, we'd probably have small tits in this video, too, if nature hadn't been augmented. But everybody is down on the small tits, why?? Small asses don't seem to have the same stigma. And we're fully loving Taylor White as a classic example of the perfect small ass. This is a great HD video from Passion-hd, who always provides long, great HD videos. The subscriber section of this web site is a [...]